Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fizzy Raisin Hooch Yeast. You know you want to look.

I am up to some bread hijinks.  That's what passes for excitement for me right now.  Bread.  Hijinks.  For Science. 

So I've been watching some youtubes about baking.  I'll tell you,  Readers, you get some fancy ideas when you go on a late night youtube trip that begins with stupid Michele Bachmann montages; carrying through to Jon Stewart arguing with Glenn Beck; then onward-ho to evolution arguments and talented dogs with a finish, obviously on bread recipes (with a little of this and a little of that thrown in for good viewing measure).  Youtube is a strange animal.  It placates me and puts me into a hypnotic, vapid state; for youtube hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.  Or something.

In any case, one youtube video resulted in me making THIS:
Raisin Experiment Day 1
Day 2.  OMG. 
This, everyone,  is future natural bread yeast- from raisins.  RAISINS.  Shut up, you guys. Let's all just accept that I know it looks like a jar of something digested and that raisins are gross to begin with.  That is beside the point here.  Anyhow, I didn't know it would get that sick looking.  The point is that they are raisins and they've begun to float; which is apparently a crucial sign of success in the process of turning raisins into bread yeast according to the lady on youtube (who doesn't speak English but whatevs).
I am so excited that the raisins are floating.  Aren't you? 
And you know, you guys, if this works, I'll never have to pay $3 for a year's worth of store-bought yeast again!!  The savings!  Plus it's a little bit sciency and I am about 8000% sure it will result in some remarkably ugly bread.  Until then, I have to wait for the raisins to fizz which I guess takes 7-10 days.  Then just 7 more days of letting it ferment into raisin hooch yeast.  Let the good times roll.  

So anyway, that isn't all, you guys.  I am ALSO trying out a new bread recipe (also found via a weird youtube/google blend), which you may be stunned to find out, calls for neither oil nor sugar.  If you are some kind of kitchen genius with mad bread skillz like me, you will understand why this is baffling.  Firstly, I've never made bread without these 2 ingredients and Secondly (and mostly), why would anyone make anything without oil and/or sugar?  Like seriously.   I am finding out.  So far it IS raising and it does look like Michael Moore which, in the world of bread dough, is good I guess.

Actual photo. 
I don't know why I need to photoshop celebrities onto my bread, you guys.   It is not something that has been diagnosed yet.   You just enjoy it and stop asking questions.  


dbs said...

I can't not laugh (and throw up in my mouth a little bit) when I say raisin hooch. So connotative. It looks like something zombies would drink for breakfast.

laughingmom said...

The only "raisin hooch" that I've heard of is soaking raisins in gin and eating them as a cure for arthritis. Good luck with the bread!

Leauxra said...

Hey, man, that's some big savings there. And you gotta be ready after the ol' zombie apocalypse to still be able to bake. Because raisins will totally be easier than yeast to find when society collapses...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the nice online youtube lady didn't say ricin yeast? Because what you're growing in that jar looks really dangerous.

Krëg said...

Stupid script-blocker-thingy made my previous comment anonymous, which is only my name when I'm cruising the Debbie Gibson fanpage. Anyhow, don't kill yourself with your raisin yeast.

chemgirljaime said...

I wish I had mad bread making skills... being that I'm a chemist, you'd think it would come naturally... alas.. not so much.

Doug Stephens said...

That is possibly the best picture of Michael Moore I have ever seen.

Nicole said...

But no link to the raisin hooch lady? For shame, Chelle.

Still, lovely Michael Moore bread you've got rising there.

Stephen Hayes said...

Does raisin hooch, raisins soaked in gin, really cure arthritis? I've got everything but the raisins.

Stephen Hayes said...

Does raisin hooch, raisins soaked in gin, really cure arthritis? I've got everything but the raisins.

Chelle said...

DBS- Oooh. Don't laugh-puke.

laughing- Hey.... I could have just soaked the raisins in gin! I like that experiment better.

Leauxra- I'm not going to pretend I didn't think of that.

Kreg- I make no promises. Actually, it's funny because I don't like raisins and so Neil will have to test this shiz out.

chem- It's not so hard provided you fully expect ugly bread.

Doug- He's pretty much everywhere.

Nicole- I totally linked her!! Under "lady who doesn't speak english" or something..

Stephen- There is only one way to find out and that is to get arthritis, then some gin & raisins.

Nicole said...

Oh no! I have link blindness! Holy fuckknuckles. I HAVE LINK BLINDNESS!

Nicole said...

Wowza. That video is comedy gold. I'm talking nice to my yeast thought, for sure. Even my "quick pizza dough" yeast that's in the foil packet in my pantry. I don't think anyone has said a word---never mind a sweet nothing---to that yeast in its entire life.

I would eat the raisin yeast. Not raw, mind you. And I would share this experiment with the kids. But, how much spongey yeast does one use in one's bread recipe, Miho? Hmmm?

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