Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yurts, Dog Breath... The Usual.

Right.  A photo per day.  I forgot.  Er.. So I will catch up the days I missed in awesome, awesome draw-rings. 

March 2- The photo theme is fruit.  So.  I ate all these kinds of fruits this week- except a smoking dragon fruit.  Also, not one of the different fruits were wearing skinny jeans for real.  Also, I'm not sure if a pimento stuffed olive totally counts as fruit, but I threw it in just in case.  Also, I ate some chickpeas- but they are legumes, so they are not included in the photo.

March 2-  Some Fruit. 

March 3-  Your Neighborhood.  Look.  It's dark out right now, so I have to do this from memory.
March 3-  Your Neighborhood.  

 March 4-  Bedside.  It's nice to wake up to captain dog breath here. 

March 4-  Bedside.

March 5-  A Smile.  I actually have a photo for this because I built an awesome cardboard yurt for the kidlet.  Now I can't stop saying yurt.  Yurt Yurt.   Alright fine, I made this the next day.  This is the time traveling photo per day.  You shutup. 
March 5-  A Smile AND a Yurt.  I'm unstoppable!
March 6:  5:00 is the theme.  Well.
It's 5:00 somewhere.. and that somewhere is a creepy flea market display of evil Barbie children. 

I'll do today's later.  Now I'm all caught up-like. 


Stephen Hayes said...

I've spent nights in real yurts and yours looks more comfortable.

Stephanie said...

That yurt is made of awesome!

Mandy_Fish said...

I need to know: How does a yurt differ from a hogan? Actually, it looks like a tiny sweat lodge.

dbs said...

Holy idea! Why don't homeless people build cardboard yurts?

Just choose joy... said...

Checking out the doll in the middle. Girlfriend's got a plan

eke said...

I just spent the last two days reading your blog. Clearly I'm obsessed with you.

Super Earthling said...

Such an adorable blog! Love it! :D

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